The genesis of our company goes back to the late 1980’s. Our founder, who has been in the professional liability world since 1980, conceived the idea of APPLI some 25 years ago. Back before there were PDF and HTML files, long before the Internet, as we know today, or even computers and smart phones for that matter. How efficient would it be if you could compile all the data for an insured, use it to complete multiple applications and store the information from year to year and do it all in software on a computer.

Our founder asked himself this question: Why not change the world you work in to make it more USER FRIENDLY? Why not put the customer first? Why not make professional liability insurance work like standard commercial insurance? ONE APPLICATION.

And that is the genius behind APPLI. Build the business and service around the customer.

Finally the computer world has caught up to the vision and you are the beneficiary of his imagination and the hard work of many other people.


Our Mission

Our mission is to use modern technology to make a complex and inefficient insurance application system work simplistically and efficiently to our client’s advantage.  SIMPLICITY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY.

We are not out to change the professional liability industry or carriers, because insurance carriers are not going to change. Instead, we are changing the way you, the insured, works through the process of completing your application.

What Law Firms are Saying

The on-line app was easy to fill out and convenient. Did not have to fill out multiple apps for different companies. Also no printing out forms to be filled in by hand. Seemed seamless to me.
William K. Saron
Law Offices of William K. Saron, P.A.
Insurance applications can be a daunting task, but APPLI makes it easy. The online application is very user friendly and walks you through step-by-step. The best part is once you complete application for the first time, your information is saved and will be ready for your review the following year. Brilliant concept!
Carmen Chamizo
Robertson, Anschutz & Schneid, P.L.
Thank you for integrating the APPLI software in your liability insurance application. As a fully digitized office, I was thrilled that the forms were available online. No more printing documents to fill them in by hand! I saved significant time in the application process, and was pleased that I didn't have to fill out multiple applications for different carriers. Next year I'll be able to pull up my prior application and merely update it. I won't need to re-enter all the basic information. Nobody enjoys applying for malpractice insurance, but it is a necessary cost of doing business. Thank you, again, for making this process easier.
Linda L. Schwichtenberg, Esq.
I am really excited that you have this software up and running. I have always been frustrated that I have to tell my insurance agent the same information every year. I am so pleased that finally an agent has an application in place so I can easily enter my information once and it carries forward to any carrier we want to look at! This makes applying for liability insurance so much easier. Why didn't anyone else figure this out? Thanks!
Catherine M. Lee
Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A

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  • Simple, Powerful, Intuitive

    SIMPLE to use, POWERFUL enough for any size law firm, INTUITIVE, which means you only fill out the forms that apply to your law firm.

  • Secure and Safe

    Forget lost applications, copies and filing. Your application forms are ready for you and available 24/7, in your own secure applications workspace.

  • Ready When You Are

    Make insurance time a breeze. A quick review and update of your data is all that is needed, saving you time and money.

  • One Time, One Place

    Complete multiple Insurance Application forms in one, easy-to-use system. Better deals, less time, more insight – right where you want it.