Case Study: Automating Professional Liability Applications with APPLI

The move of business to the internet continues at a rapid pace. Big box stores such as Best Buy are feeling the same pressure that has already closed the doors of video rental stores, travel agents and to some degree, insurance agents in fields like auto insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance is a more complex process, one that requires the provision of a wealth of specific business information. Until now, this has kept the process of purchasing professional liability insurance the same as it has been for generations – paper applications, repeating information and filing – a time consuming, frustrating process.

APPLI provides an alternative. We are not an agent nor an insurance provider, but rather a software service designed to make the application process easier, without affecting who you apply to or your existing relationships.

The Process

The first time you use APPLI, you will notice some critical initial benefits. The most obvious one is that in many cases, entering data for one application will mean you have entered that data for any subsequent applications you complete. The benefit here is both a massive saving of time and also the opportunity to complete applications for many insurance carriers in the time you may have otherwise only completed one or two – so you can shop around much more simply, and find the best possible rate.

The Dashboard

The home screen for an APPLI client is the dashboard. This screen provides an overview of the applications you intend to complete, have started or have finished. Our system makes it easy to complete a host of applications without trying to keep track of many application forms and where you are up to with those applications. Additionally, the Dashboard gives you clear instructions on the process, and points you in the right direction for working through your applications – it is very simple and effective.

The dashboard also provides a way to download and view the completed applications as they will look when sent to the carrier, so you can double check your work before the application is submitted.

Completing a Single Application

APPLI provides an attractive, uniform online application form for all our carrier applications. Each form is broken into easy-to-follow sections, in the same way as a paper application form. Unlike paper however, APPLI forms provide the ability to easily add additional information, make changes and instructions for more difficult sections or questions.

Navigating an APPLI form is a simple task, with links to each section provided at the top and bottom of every page. We understand that sometimes you need to follow up for additional information from within your firm, and getting to the right question is a breeze.

On each page you can also jump to another form or start a new form at any time. All your data is saved each time you change to another page using our navigation controls, or when you click the save button.

To-Do List

When completing an Insurance Application, it is often the case that you will need to also complete a supplemental application, which gives more detail on a specific area of your practice. In most cases APPLI automatically adds these supplements to your to-do list, based on the answers you have provided in the main application.

The to-do list also shows you the status of each application form, ranging from “New” to “Ready”. Finally, the to-do list allows you to view your application forms, filled in as though you have typed it up yourself, as the insurance carrier will see it when submitted.

The APPLI work flow and screens have been designed with your needs at the forefront, and so all you need to complete your applications can be found on a single screen. With new updates coming out every month, APPLI continually works to make your experiences as simple, powerful and intuitive as possible.

Finishing an Application

Once you have completed your first application, you will be presented with a series of options that allow you to review your application form, complete additional carriers’ forms, or submit your forms to the insurance carriers.

The APPLI system keeps the control with you. You set your own statuses on forms, whether they are ready for submission, require further information at a later time or simply need to be reviewed by yourself or another person within the firm.

We know that sometimes the information you require to complete a form might change, and so accessing partially completed forms is a simple process that saves you the hassle of scrambling through a pile of forms on your desk. Likewise, changing information in a form no longer requires an eraser or liquid paper, just a simple field update in your form.

Additional Applications

The completion of your first application form stores all the information you supplied and then populates the carriers application form. The form looks the same as it would if you had typed your answers directly onto the application form with a typewriter. APPLI goes one step further though; it saves your data into our secure database, and that means we can use that data in other application forms. While each carrier has their own application form and asks their own questions, much of the data you supply to one carrier is required on other application forms. All carriers require basic company information, staff information and historical information in order to provide you with a professional liability insurance quote.

APPLI will pre-fill any additional application forms you chose to complete with the information from your first application form, saving you time, insuring consistency and relieving you of the stress that the time-consuming application process takes. Additionally, you can leverage this great feature to apply to more carriers and shop around, to get the best coverage and the best price for your firm.

Year Two and Beyond

APPLI provides many immediate benefits as noted above, but the long term benefits are even larger. APPLI stores all your application data for all your completed forms, ready for use in next year’s professional liability insurance application process.

When next year rolls around, you start with a completed form, and only then need to review your information, updating details where necessary, then submitting your application. What in past years has taken days or hours will only take minutes.

APPLI keeps evolving

APPLI works hard to continually evolve and improve. We know that anything we can do to make Professional Liability Insurance a more efficient, accurate and pleasurable experience will make a difference to our clients. When you sign up for APPLI you will recieve the benefits of our continued development as part of your subscription, and are welcome to join our user forum and help guide APPLI’s future development.

Thank you for your interest in APPLI. Please feel free to ask us any questions or inquire about subscriptions using the form below.

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