Will my insurance company accept the APPLI completed application?

APPLI does not have its own application, our service takes the data that you provide and autofills it on to the actual company’s applications that you selected, therefore, the insurance company is getting its own application.

Can I still use my insurance agent?

 Yes, you may use any insurance agent that you wish, however we do reserve the right to not work with some agencies.  To find out if your agency is accepted please contact us.  Also it is important to note the APPLI, in some cases, has arrangements with certain insurance agencies that will pay the cost for our APPLI service. If you choose to use an agency that is not an APPLI approved agency, then your firm will be responsible for the cost of the service.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost for the service is based on your last annual professional liability policy (please note that many carriers pass on certain taxes and fees, these charges are not part of our calculation for our services, only the actual annual premium).  Our fees are equal to 1% of your last annual premium.  We do have a minimum of $25.00 and a maximum of $300.00.

Will you help me enter my data into your system?

Yes, we are available to help you enter your data into our system, but please note that this service is not covered in our basic fee.  For a cost estimate please contact us.  Fees are determined by the number of attorneys in the firm, the carrier or carriers selected and the number of additional supplemental forms that will need to be completed.

Is your fee a one-time charge or an annual charge?

 We charge for our services on an annual basis.

How do I know which companies I should apply to?

 This is a question to ask your insurance agent. We are not an insurance agency, nor do we provide insurance advice.

Is my insurance company’s application in your system?

 We have compiled most of the major insurance company applications. While we do not have all of them in our system we are adding new forms on a daily basis. Chances are that your carrier is in our system or will be in the very near future. Presently we have the following carriers for law firms in Florida:  Allied World (formerly Darwin), Carolina Casualty, Chicago (also known as Interstate or Fireman’s Fund), Hanover, Hartford, Markel, Medmarc, OneBeacon (also known as Atlantic Specialty), St. Paul/Travelers and XL.  Additionally, National Union, Attorneys Professional and Freedom Specialty in most cases will accept one of the companies listed above.

What size firms can use the system?

 Generally a one-size fits all approach does not work, however, in the case of APPLI we have built the system to accommodate any size firm. The program will expand or contract to work with any size firm.  We presently have firms from one attorney to over a hundred who are clients.

Our firm has had a claim, can we still use the APPLI system and how does the APPLI system handle the Claim Supplemental Form?

Yes, you can still use the APPLI system. We have built our program to anticipate and handle the vast majority of the insurance companies supplemental forms. Even if you have multiple claims to report, the system will expand to allow you to provide the information for each individual claim and print out separate Claim Supplemental Forms for each one.

We are a specialty firm and have been required to complete certain supplemental forms in addition to the basic application, does the APPLI system include the supplemental forms?

Yes, we have the vast majority of the supplemental forms compiled and included in our system and the system is designed to be intuitive.  This means as you work your way through the application certain questions may trigger the need for you to complete a supplemental form, the program will add this form to your “To Do List”.   The one exception would be that we do not presently include the SEC Supplemental Application for any company. That form would print out blank and would then need to be completed by you.

I work part-time, can I still use your services?

 Yes you can, but part-time firms may require special coverage. This is a question that you should ask your insurance agent and then determine if our services are right for you.  Please note that not all carriers are willing to offer terms to part-time attorneys, so again, this a question to discuss with your insurance agent.

Will your services work for my discipline in my state?

We presently are limited to one discipline and one state, law firms in Florida, however, we are preparing to enter a number of other states for law firms and to add both A&E as well as CPAs in the very near future.

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