The APPLI Solution

Have you ever completed a professional liability application? Ever tried to fill out two or more, only to feel as if each carrier is asking the same questions but in a different order? Ever wonder why they do this?  Do you feel like each year you are having to re-introduce yourself to your insurance carrier?

If you presently buy or have attempted to purchase professional liability insurance, then you know what a hassle the application process can be. With multiple companies providing coverage and each one requiring their specific application to obtain a bindable quote, the process is tedious, antiquated, confusing and terribly inefficient.


First of all, we are NOT an insurance company, insurance agency or an insurance brokerage firm. We do not represent any company, agency or brokerage firm, nor are we owned by or have any affiliation with an insurance company, agency or brokerage firm. We do not offer insurance coverage, insurance advice, submit insurance applications or work in any fashion in the insurance industry. However, in full disclosure, APPLI was conceived and developed by an insurance agent who has spent the past 30 plus years specializing in professional liability insurance. This gives us the unique advantage of knowing the issues that you face regarding the application process and a fresh look at how to solve them.

APPLI is a software company that provides a SIMPLE, POWERFUL and INTUITIVE on-line system for the completion of your professional liability insurance applications. You decide the carrier(s) you wish to apply to, you supply the data needed to complete the application ONE TIME.  Our program will logically lead you through the process and intuitively add any supplemental forms that your carrier may require, based on how you have answered certain questions.  When you are finished, simply click the “Submit” button and our software will autofill the application.  Now you NEVER have to complete a full application ever again.

In so doing, you are assured of having your submission professionally completed, and the data will be securely stored for your use each and ever year. No more need to look up the same data each year, no need to ask your agent for a copy of last year’s application so you can copy it over, no more need to answer the same questions over and over on multiple applications. WE DO ALL OF THE WORK FOR YOU.

Stop working like it is the 80s, save time and money with APPLI.

Speak to Us

Speak to Us

  • Simple, Powerful, Intuitive

    SIMPLE to use, POWERFUL enough for any size law firm, INTUITIVE, which means you only fill out the forms that apply to your law firm.

  • Secure and Safe

    Forget lost applications, copies and filing. Your application forms are ready for you and available 24/7, in your own secure applications workspace.

  • Ready When You Are

    Make insurance time a breeze. A quick review and update of your data is all that is needed, saving you time and money.

  • One Time, One Place

    Complete multiple Insurance Application forms in one, easy-to-use system. Better deals, less time, more insight – right where you want it.